Mental Health’s Impact on ED

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month. The mental health crisis impacts millions of Americans each year- whether it is anxiety, depression, or other conditions you likely know someone battling one of these conditions or you are battling one yourself. While we continue to make great steps in the destigmatization of mental health, many men are still apprehensive to discuss their mental health, especially when it affects their sexual health as well. Here at Swain Health Group, we are dedicated to breaking the stigmas surrounding mental and sexual health among men.

Does Mental Health Really Affect Sexual Health?

Studies have proven that mental health directly correlates to ED and sexual health. Reports suggest that up to 20% of men reported some type of ED related to sexual anxiety at one point in their lives. If you find yourself getting erections in the mornings, or while masturbating but have difficulty maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse this points to sexual anxiety or stress being an underlying cause of your ED. Although it may be difficult to take the first steps in being treated, Swain Health is Group is leading the way in ED treatments.

How Swain Health Group Can Help You

If your mental health has taken a toll on sexual performance, look no further. Swain Health Group’s Framingham, MA, office specializes in creating a treatment plan which is catered to your exact needs and symptoms.
During your first visit, a doctor will perform a physical and take an in-depth look at your physical and mental health history as well as your treatment goals. Our number one goal is the patient’s comfort whether it be physical or mental comfort. Visits are always confidential and discreet. After your initial visit is complete and a treatment plan is laid out Swain Health Group’s experts can begin treating you with our state-of-the-art Acoustic Wave Therapy

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