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Swain Health Group’s medical professionals offer erectile dysfunction treatments for men in Newton, MA. The beautiful city of Newton is in close proximity to Boston and is one of the most historic communities in Massachusetts. Newton features numerous colleges, parks and lakes and has a high population of men over 40, the group most prone to ED. Read about the ED services we offer to men living in Newton below.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in NEWTON, MA

Millions of men show symptoms of ED as they age. Swain Health Group is working dutifully to safely, comfortably and effectively undo the effects of ED.
Our team offers the Swainwave method which is totally painless yet highly effective. Swainwave ED treatment sends low-intensity shock waves through the penis to reduce blockage and promote blood flow.
Erectile dysfunction is caused by a number of different factors and impacts all men differently. Some of the most common factors are diabetes, obesity, smoking, and more. If you are suffering from ED in Newton, MA, there is no better option than Swain Health Group. Contact our doctors today.

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Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in NEWTON, MA

Peyronie’s disease, like ED, is highly common in men. Peyronie’s causes a man’s penis to show curvature due to plaque buildup and scar tissue. Peyronie’s can also lead to painful erections. There is no specific cause of Peyronie’s, but previous injury directly to the penis is commonly reported by those suffering from Peyronie’s.
Swainwave therapy not only can help with ED, but Peyronie’s Disease as well! Swainwave therapy can help straighten the penis and prevent future pain in just a few sessions. Contact Swain Health Group today if you’re a Newton resident in need of ED or Peyronie’s treatment.

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Swain Health Group is here to help with the side effects of erectile dysfunction so that you can return to living your life as you were. Acoustic wave therapy helps to address poor blood flow rather than being a temporary fix. If you’ve felt anxiety about or experienced a decline in sexual performance, Swain Health Group in Framingham, MA, is available to help. Book an appointment with us today.