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Treatment Method

What method is used to treat erectile dysfunction?

We use safe, non-invasive Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) to increase the flow of blood in the penis and enhance sexual performance. It involves using pulse waves to treat the problem.

How are successful results for ED achieved at the Swain Health Group?

A German-made medical apparatus is used in our procedure. It’s a device that’s FDA approved, and it uses massage to repair soft tissue and increase blood flow. This equipment is used in accordance with the protocol we follow for the treatment of this disorder. This protocol is verified, and our equipment is accurately calibrated so that it is in accordance with our protocol guidelines.

The results produced have been proven to last a long time for people of all ages. Sexual performance, erections, and penile sensation are more intense after treatment.

What makes this therapy work?

Sound waves that destroy plaque in the blood vessels and encourage the growth of newly developed vessels and tissue surrounding the penis make this therapy work. These sound waves are high-frequency and acoustic as they pulsate and attack the cause of the problem.

Has this method been proven to be effective, and how long has it been used?

Europe has been using this method for the last 15 years, and it has been successful. The treatment we use was brought to America not too long ago. Many studies proved successful results.

Has this treatment been clinically researched?

Research information that was independently published revealed that it is safe and effective and that a little over 85 percent of the men who’ve had it stated that they would tell friends and family members to get it. Many public studies reported the effectiveness of this therapy.

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Is it supposed to be better than drugs, and why?

The oral drugs used to eradicate ED can have dangerous side effects, report users of these medications. Only half of the men who used Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra received the help they needed by taking these drugs.

At the Swain Health Group, costly prescription medication is not part of our protocol. You don’t have to worry about having to take medication that can give you horrible side-effects when you come to us. For men who cannot take drugs for erectile dysfunction and for men who don’t want to take these drugs, Primewave Acoustic Wave Therapy is the perfect alternative. It is an alternative that can also be used in the treatment of diseases oral medications cannot treat. One such disease is Peyronie’s disease.

What makes AWT at Swain Health Group better than therapy given elsewhere?

We have a high success rate because we are the only professionals in Massachusetts that use this procedure. We have extensive knowledge of the use of our equipment, which is made in Germany, and we know how to provide the treatments discretely, safely, and successfully because we’ve done this many times. For the best results, the concentration of the acoustic wave should be as close to the precise millimeter as possible. A calibration error can either make the treatment ineffective or shorten the duration of the results.

What are the qualifications for AWT at the Swain Health Group?

Men of any age can have this therapy. Our method is a pleasant way to eradicate ED without the use of medications like Viagra and Cialis. It’s safe, and it works.

Men with Peyronie’s disease also qualify for this therapy at the Swain Health Group. The procedure has shown that it can break down the scar tissue that causes the penis to curve upwards upon erection.

Are there side effects associated with this therapy?

The men who have been taken care of by us have never complained about experiencing any serious side effects after having Acoustic Wave Therapy. All of them advise their friends to have it.

When can I expect to see results?

No two people have the same results. A man’s past health history and his diagnosis will determine how many sessions he will need before he sees the benefits. Success is reported by satisfied patients by the time therapy is over. Most of them experience improved erections after their first session.

What’s the number of sessions needed?

The number of times you’ll be treated will be influenced by what your goal is or what you want to change. Six to twelve sessions are typically performed. A program that helps maintain the results and maximizes performance is also available.

How long does a session take?

Each session is approximately 20 minutes long. Every one of these sessions includes an uncomplicated procedure that’s done in the office.

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What kind of experience does the Swain Health Group have?

The Swain Health Group employs doctors and technicians who have training and certification they received from the founders of this erectile disorder remedy. Their experience in the medical field exceeds 40 years, and they have been helping men with this problem for 20 years and more. The number of clinics in the United States they’ve extended their services to surpasses 40. This men’s clinic is an official provider of the drug-free therapy for erectile disorder called Primewave AWT.

Is third-party medical insurance accepted?

Though third-party medical insurance is not accepted at the Swain Health Group, we will give you the paperwork you need so you can mail it to your insurance company.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost will be discussed with you when you contact us. We will provide you with a quote that will be personalized. To talk to a physician about the plan designed for you, call us right away.

What do I do if I want a consultation?

To set up an appointment, reach us at 617-600-4555 today.

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How long are the treatment sessions?

Each treatment is a simple, in-office procedure that only lasts about 20 minutes.

Is there any downtime?

This procedure has no downtime. Patients can engage in regular everyday activities right after a session.

Should I expect pain and discomfort?

A little tingling may be felt when treatment is over, but patients have never reported that they feel pain or tenderness after a session. Since drugs, injections, and surgery are not used in this protocol, pain is not an issue.

How should I prepare for my therapy?

You do not need to prepare for a session. We’ll take care of everything. All you must do is relax. Our professional staff will make sure your treatment is as pleasant as can be and your privacy is respected.

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