Does Low Testosterone Cause ED? How They’re Linked

First off, it’s important to note that ED and low testosterone are actually two different conditions. Erectile dysfunction is when a man has trouble getting or sustaining an erection. Low testosterone is less than expected levels of the male sex hormone testosterone, which plays a role in bone density, muscle mass, and most importantly (in this case) libido.

Let’s dive deeper into the links between Testosterone levels and ED.

How Testosterone Impacts Men’s Sexual Health

Low testosterone can lead to a less fulfilling sex life for many men. One of the most significant impacts is the loss of libido, leading men to become less interested in having sex. It can also lead to depression and a strained relationship with your partner overall. Many men with lower testosterone have a higher body fat percentage as well due to less energy and muscle mass.
When men aren’t feeling their best, it can lead to even less desire to perform in the bedroom and share experiences with their partner.

How ED Impacts a Man’s Sex Life

Similar to testosterone, erectile dysfunction can also have quite a large negative effect on men’s sexual performance. It’s tough to have enjoyable sex when you can’t maintain or get an erection in the first place. With ED, the desire to have sex can be impacted, but it’s not as directly tied to hormone levels as with low t. The worst part is that the mental strain can lead men to avoid doctors out of embarrassment. There is nothing to be embarrassed about, though; it’s a condition that affects so many men in this country.

Does Low-T Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

With all this being said, it may seem to some that low testosterone can cause ED. There isn’t a clear answer to that without being seen by a professional. Some men that have ED also have lower than average levels of testosterone. These are both complex conditions that aren’t necessarily always related but often go hand in hand.
Erectile dysfunction is caused by a number of different factors, including diabetes, being overweight, poor mental health, and more. The main factor attributed to most ED cases is restricted or reduced blood flow to the penis. The reasons for reduced blood flow can be many, though; that’s why it’s crucial to have yourself treated by experienced professionals if you suspect you’ve got either low testosterone or erectile dysfunction.

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