Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

With the ever growing market of so-called wonder pills and injections which promise to cure erectile dysfunction and increase sex drive it is hard to determine which treatments are gimmicks and which are beneficial. For men who are looking to treat their ED in a safe and effective way, however, Swain Health Group offers acoustic wave therapy which has shown proven results.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy for ED is the use of low-intensity shock waves in order to remove plaque and other blockage from veins and arteries in the penis. A main cause of erectile dysfunction is poor blood flow or blockage- acoustic wave therapy promotes direct blood flow to the penis while also increasing the rate of growth of new blood vessels. This allows for stronger and longer lasting erections.

While alternative methods such as pills and injections may be effective in fast acting treatment, these simply mask the effects of ED for a short period. Acoustic wave therapy, on the contrary, works to attack and undo the direct causes of ED providing long term improvements.

Perhaps the largest benefit of acoustic wave therapy is its non-invasive nature. Acoustic wave therapy utilizes external shock waves meaning therapy sessions are not only effective, but fast and painless!

Does Acoustic Wave Therapy Actually Work?

There have been multiple trials and extensive clinical research which can highlight the success rate of acoustic wave therapy. In an average of six sessions Swain Health Group patients have reported renewed sexual performance and overall healthier and stronger erections. As mentioned earlier, one of the major benefits of acoustic wave therapy is the long lasting effects. As opposed to daily pills or injections Swain Health Group patients can rely on just two therapy sessions per week for three weeks and see long term outcomes. Testimonials from real acoustic wave therapy patients can also be viewed here!

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