Diabetes Can Impact Your Sex Life

Diabetes occurs when your body cannot properly regulate glucose levels in your blood. Two main types affect folks, but the underlying issues are the same for both.
The disease has many different impacts on health, including sexual health. The main way to treat diabetes is by carefully monitoring blood sugar levels to stay in control of them, but there are ways you can take care of any side effects of diabetes.

The Causes of Diabetes

As we eluded to earlier, there are two types of diabetes with a couple of differences:
Type 1 diabetes comes from the body’s inability to create insulin on its own. Insulin helps to alert cells that they need to absorb sugar. When no insulin is produced, it can’t notify cells, and this leads to high glucose levels in the blood. This accumulation can cause a number of different issues across the person’s bodily systems.
Type 2 diabetes is another story. This happens when high blood sugar levels begin to cause resistance to insulin. The body can still create insulin, but cells start to ignore signals to do something about the sugar. Consuming sugary food when insulin can’t communicate with cells can lead to dangerous blood sugar spikes.

How Does Sugar Affect Sexual Health?

For starters, diabetes can have a fatiguing effect on both men and women. Maintaining healthy sugar levels often requires close monitoring but also medications and treatments. Diabetic people often experience low blood sugar due to treatments, which leaves a person feeling faint and weak.
There is also an increased risk for anxiety and depression for people with diabetes. With low energy and drive, it’s enough to impact the sex drive of anyone. For both men and women, there are sex-specific issues.

Impacts for Women

Women who have diabetes have an increased risk for genital infections like UTIs and cysts. This can make sex uncomfortable and kill the mood. Diabetes can also cause nerve damage, affecting the experience and typical response.

Impacts for Men

The single most common sexual health issue for men related to diabetes is erectile dysfunction (ED). This can result from nerve damage or damage to blood vessels restricting blood flow to the area. As many know, proper blood flow is needed to maintain a solid erection. It’s extremely common for men with diabetes to develop ED down the line. Regular exercise, quitting smoking, and healthy eating habits are great ways to reduce your risk for both ED and diabetes. Diet and exercise aren’t always enough. Luckily there are options out there for men like acoustic wave therapy to treat men with diabetes suffering from erectile dysfunction.

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