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The doctors at Swain Health Group offer erectile dysfunction treatments for men in Brookline, MA. The community of Brookline has located only a short distance from downtown Boston and is one of the best places to live in the state. The town offers beautiful scenery along with fantastic restaurants and shops. It’s home to about 65,000 residents today, which makes it the largest community that is still known as a town. Read about the ED services we offer in the beautiful town of Brookline.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Brookline, MA

ED is one of the most common conditions for men as they age. It happens to many men, and it’s not always something you’ve got much control over.
The problematic side effects associated with erectile dysfunction often lead to men avoiding treatment and trying to deal with the issue alone. Swain Health Group is here, so you don’t have to go at it alone. The Swainwave protocol that our team utilizes is totally painless, with vibrations that help to promote blood flow. Our protocol works because it addresses the root of ED issues rather than being a temporary fix like the popular pills we’ve all heard of.
Erectile dysfunction is caused by a number of different factors and impacts all sorts of men over 40. Some of the most common factors are diabetes, obesity, smoking, and more. There is no better option for treating your erectile dysfunction in Brookline, MA, than Swain Health Group. Contact our doctors today.

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Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Brookline, MA

Peyronie’s disease causes a man’s penis to curve or become deformed due to plaque and scar tissue building up. This can make getting an erection quite painful. There is no specific cause of Peyronie’s, but often an injury to the penis has occurred at some point.
Acoustic wave therapy, also known as Swainwave, helps to break up plaque and scar tissue without pain. Once the doctors at Swain Health Group have treated you, your penis will straighten, and it won’t be painful to become erect anymore. Like other ED forms, Peyronie’s can cause mental distress, which doesn’t help the situation. Contact Swain Health Group today if you’re a Brookline resident in need of ED & Peyronie’s treatment.

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The doctors at Swain Health Group at adept at treating erectile dysfunction no matter the origin or cause of the symptons. Our safe and effective treatments were meant to help men return to their normal sex lives. Contact us to begin a consultation today.